Dr. Saline offers individual and group consultations for educators, school psychologists, adjustment counselors and mental health clinicians. Using a strength-based, collaborative model that incorporates developmental psychology, cognitive therapy and systems thinking, she helps professionals who work with children and adolescents understand and strategize about kids with behavioral, learning and emotional challenges. She draws upon over 20 years of clinical experience in mental health, school and private practice setting to help you and your staff to address various challenges such as ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, learning differences, anxiety, depression, Asperger’s Disorder and nonverbal learning disabilities.



“Sharon provided consulting services to all of the school psychologists in our district for several years. Her highly professional, clear focus on the goals was balanced by a warm and cheerful style that felt truly collaborative.  Sharon’s clinical skills, experience and insight were useful to everyone in the group and we were grateful for her ability to articulate our concerns to the administrative team.”
Kathy Casale, M.A., CAGS
School Psychologist
Northampton Public Schools, Northampton MA

“Sharon Saline, in her role as consulting psychologist, was a welcome addition to the Montessori School of Northampton school community as a whole and to my classroom of 9-12 year old students.  Her keen understanding, intelligence and sensitivity of the social and emotional lives of children and the adults who serve them brought the much needed clarity I needed to be a more effective teacher.  Sharon, too, was a fierce advocate for our students with special needs and their families.  She helped navigate what can be the challenging process of deciphering a battery of tests and observations and making appropriate recommendations for our students’ success. Sharon was a great asset to our school.”
Marian Parker

Upper Elementary School at the Montessori School of Northampton, MA

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