About Dr. Saline

Dr. Sharon at a WorkshopSharon Saline, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Northampton, MA where she works primarily with children, adolescents and families. Dr. Saline has extensive experience consulting with the City of Northampton School District, the Montessori School of Northampton and the Williston-Northampton Middle School on mental health issues in the classroom as well as interpreting psychological evaluations and improving teacher/parent communication. She is a part-time lecturer in the Continuing Education Program at the Smith School for Social Work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADr. Saline’s clinical expertise include the  diagnosis, treatment and intervention of ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities and mental health issues for children, adolescents and their families. She has worked for over twenty years as a family therapist, helping families improve communication and reduce conflict. In addition, she has conducted numerous trainings in New England for teachers, parents, therapists, school psychologists, adjustment counselors, paraprofessionals and students on a variety of topics. She has also presented for the annual meeting of the Small Boarding School Association and for Versan Educational Services in Jamaica. Dr. Saline graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University, received her master’s degree in psychology from New College of California and obtained her doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.

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