Workshops & Lectures for Educators

Workshops & Lectures for Educators2018-05-08T01:36:47+00:00

Building better brains: How improving executive functioning skills fosters academic success

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, you will learn concrete strategies to meet learners where they are and help them strengthen essential executive functioning skills. Using current research on the developing brain and examples from students themselves, you’ll uncover how and why executive functioning skills are critical to the learning process. With a deeper understanding of these skills, you’ll be able to create more effective strategies to nurture cognitive strengths and overcome daily challenges. Innovative tools to improve in organization, planning and follow through will also be covered.

The ABC’s of ADHD and Executive Functioning: Creative solutions to common academic challenges

Discover practical, strength-based approaches to daily challenges of educating children and teens with ADHD. Learn how to teach them the executive functioning skills they need while improving cooperation and competence. Dr. Saline’s strength-based perspective builds student motivation and self-esteem so they can reach their full potential.

Why Mindsets Matter: Improving student motivation and resilience in the learning process

Would you like to engage and motivate your students more? Explore how and why the mindsets of both educators and their students affect learning, engagement, and commitment. Participants will learn strategies to foster positive mindsets that promote student motivation and resilience.

Understanding and working with ALL kinds of learners 

Designed for middle and high school educators, this workshop looks at the importance of universal design and differentiated learning with respect to executive functioning skills for all students as well as specific issues for kids with learning disabilities, ADHD and high functioning autism. Participants will participate in exercises designed to improve their understanding of living with learning differences and teaching students with these challenges more effectively. Information about the adolescent brain and common myths about laziness, disorganization, and negativity will be explored. Educators will leave with concrete ways they can use to improve planning, organization and follow through for all students.

“What were you thinking?” How understanding the teen brain improves your work with adolescents

This workshop looks at how the biology of the adolescent brain relates to behavior, emotion, and relationships inside and outside of the classroom. Relying on recent research and real-life examples, Dr. Saline shows you easy and effective ways of fostering the development of the academic and social skills teens need while increasing their cooperation and responsibility.

When worrying takes over: Helping anxious students build resiliency and worry less

Are your students worried and stressed? Today’s kids are more anxious than ever before. Dr. Saline assists you in understanding the causes and symptoms of anxiety and what really works to help reduce worry. She teaches you practical, effective tools to restore calm and resiliency in your students.