Family outdoorsSometimes your family is not getting along well and no matter what anyone tries to do differently, nothing seems to help. Communication is poor, people are arguing and the household just feels angry or distant. Many families like yours are struggling to accept the diagnosis of ADHD or a learning disability and feel overwhelmed, unable to sort through the massive amounts of advice and interventions that are available. I have been working with families for over twenty years using systems theory, positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy. These tools are designed to break down stuck interactional patterns, change rigid roles and improve communication skills. In order to assist families who are struggling with children with ADHD or other learning challenges, I rely on and share recent research on the changing brain, executive functioning and ADHD. I believe that improving living with these learning differences means improving deficient skills and I work actively with all members of your family towards this goal.

Family therapy focuses on reducing frustration, prioritizing what is REALLY important, avoiding power struggles, disengaging from and resolving conflict appropriately and, perhaps most importantly, speaking from the heart. Authenticity, clarity and real listening ultimately bring respect, closeness and understanding and we will work together to build these aspects of your family.

Standard protocol for the first five sessions includes two initial meetings with you, the parents or guardians, alone to obtain a full medical, educational, work and socio-emotional history of each member of your family. Then, your children/teens join us for a few sessions before meeting with alone with me. After these initial sessions, I will meet again with your family together and discuss my impressions, outline the issues that people have identified and create a mutually agreed-upon set of goals for the therapy. Future sessions will likely include a mix of meetings with everyone together, with the adults alone and with the children alone. Goals are re-assessed regularly with people having the opportunity to re-orient the process as needed. Personal accountability, a willingness to try new things and honesty are keys to successful family therapy.