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Dr. Saline has presented to groups of students, parents, educators and clinicians nationally and internationally for over fifteen years. She brings her unique combination of clinical experience with children, teens and families, knowledge of human development and information about brain science into every presentation and workshop. With her engaging, lively manner, she uses experiential exercises and insightful examples to make topics like attention, organization, executive functioning and family conflict and boundaries interesting, manageable and even funny.  Dr. Saline covers timely subjects such as ADHD, the developing brain, executive functioning skills, managing technology in families and parenting challenges. She will tailor her talks, seminars and groups to the needs of your particular organization.

Choose from one of these topics:

“What were you thinking? Understanding the teen brain”

  • Gain Insight into what’s going for teens and how adults can offer more support
    (for educators and parents; middle, high school and college students)

The ABC’s of ADHD and Executive Functioning skills:

  • Discover creative solutions to daily challenges for living with ADHD
    (for educators and parents–elementary through high school; secondary school and college students)

“Help! I’m at the end of my rope! Parenting tools that REALLY work”

  • Understand how kids’ changing development and behaviors affects parenting
    (for parents, elementary through high school)

More than Getting By: Thriving in Secondary School

  • Learn how to give and receive support during the ups and downs of adolescence:
    (for parents and teachers of middle and high school students and for kids themselves)

Building Better Brains: How Improving Executive Functioning Skills Fosters Academic Success

  • Improve students’ academic performance by improving their executive functioning skills
    (for parents and teachers, elementary through high school)

Plugged in: Helping your family navigate the world of technology

  • Raise your child to use technology appropriately with less arguing and more collaboration
    (for parents and educators, elementary through high school; can be adapted for student groups)

Why Mindsets Matter:  Fostering Student Motivation and Resilience in the Learning Process

  • Identify and promote mindsets that support positive learning environments and habits
    (for educators and parents, elementary through high school; can be adapted for secondary school and college students)

Bystanders make the ALL the difference!

  • Reduce bullying by empowering individuals in the crowd
    (for educators and parents, elementary through high school; for elementary, middle and high school student groups)


“Sharon has worked closely with the Williston community, both as a consultant and a presenter, over a period of many years. Her audiences (teachers, parents, students) have found her to be a terrific speaker–informative, intelligent, knowledgeable, humorous, energetic, and easy to understand. As one faculty member recently told me, she really “knows her stuff” and is clearly interested in kids and how they learn. With her wonderful ability to both educate and entertain at the same time, I see Sharon as a true ‘edu-tainer.'”
Benjamin F. Thompson, LICSW, BCD
Director of Psychological Counseling Services
The Williston Northampton School, Northampton MA

“Sharon has been a great source of information and strategies for me to support my son as he developed the skills to be independently successful at school. A deep understanding of adolescent development and skill-building in both social and academic arenas, coupled with her sense of humor, make working with Sharon productive, enriching, and fun.”
Kathy Unruh
Parent, Williamsburg MA

“Working with Dr. Saline has been so worthwhile for all of us in Northampton schools, teachers and families especially. Dr. Saline has a deep insight into the challenges facing children and families when there are struggles in school and a wonderfully compassionate and direct approach in facilitating successful interventions. Always available to the faculty, she has offered a range of trainings, consultations and professional development experiences that improve our response to mental health issues for children and adults. Teachers appreciate her expertise, clarity, and sense of humor and take away specific strategies and plans that are immediately useful.  We are so fortunate to have her as a local resource.”

Johanna McKenna, M. Ed.
Former Director of Academic Effectiveness of the City of Northampton School District and former Principal Bridge Street Elementary School, Northampton MA.

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