I maintain a private practice in Northampton, Massachusetts where I work with children, adolescents, college-age adults and families living with the challenges of ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities and depression. My deep hope is that people can discover and develop their strengths, find ways to improve their challenges and feel good about all aspects of who they are. I use a positive psychology approach that assists you in living with more authenticity, empowerment, competency, and connection. I base my work on systems theory, insight-oriented psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness while sharing recent research on relevant topics.

Sadly, I can’t work with everyone who contacts me for ongoing therapy but I provide one-time, two-hour consultations at my office in Northampton, MA for individual adults, parents and families. I also have an online parent coaching package of two 75 minute meetings to assess your situation, explore new strategies and offer suggestions for next steps.

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Is your family struggling to understand and live with the diagnosis of ADHD? Are you searching for effective, compassionate parenting tools? I work with families to yell less and increase respectful, loving connections. Working with all members of your family, we break down stuck patterns and improve communication skills. Family therapy focuses on reducing frustration, prioritizing what is REALLY important, avoiding power struggles, and, perhaps most importantly, speaking and listening from the heart.

Our sessions will likely include a mix of meetings with everyone together, with the adults alone and with the children alone. We will regularly assess our progress and re-orient our work as needed. Personal accountability, a willingness to try new things and honesty are keys to successful family therapy.

Children & Teens

Is your child or teen with ADHD or learning disabilities struggling at home, school or with friends? Do you notice signs of anxiety or depression? Using a collaborative style, I work with kids to understand how their unique brain works, to identify strengths and manage challenges more successfully. Young people need consistent, effective supports, structure and routines in order to excel at school, in extracurricular activities, and in interpersonal relationships. Together, with parental input, we will discover and set up what those can be. I rely on a combination of individual sessions for your child or teen with bi-weekly or monthly sessions with you, the parents or guardians. I also make it a point to establish and maintain contact with teachers, principals and medical providers who interact regularly with your child/teen. Everyone involved in your child’s life collaborates to create positive change.

College and Young Adults

Are facing challenges managing your independence at college or work with your ADHD or learning differences?  I can help you improve your executive functioning skills, productivity and social interactions so your life will run more smoothly and successfully. Using a blend of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and insight-oriented psychotherapy, we work together to set the goals for therapy to improve your self-awareness and build the tools you need. You will learn how to identify your organizational strengths and weaknesses, understand how your brain works and access and express your emotions appropriately. to build a more rewarding. so that your life will run more smoothly and be more rewarding. My strength-based approach assists you in doing more of what works.