Young Adults

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I work with college-age students and young adults who are learning to manage their independence and their ADHD/ADD symptoms, organizational and social challenges and executive functioning deficits. I believe that ADHD and other learning differences are limitations, based on a lack of skills, not personal deficiencies, and that  young adults need consistent, effective supports, structure and routines in order to excel at school, in extracurricular activities and in interpersonal relationships.

I take a strength-based approach to help improve self-esteem, productivity, organization and self-confidence while assisting you in acknowledging and accepting whatever limitations you may be dealing with. Using a developmental perspective in combination with positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems theory, I rely on recent research on the changing brain and ADHD to inform my work and I share this information with you regularly as part of the psychoeducational component of the therapy. I use a collaborative, creative style of working so that we work together to set the goals for therapy and re-assess them regularly to see if they are working. You will learn how to identify your organizational strengths and weaknesses, understand how your brain works and access and express your emotions appropriately so that your life will run more smoothly and be more rewarding.