Women: Change Your Relationship with the Negative Voice

Eliminating negative thinking is unrealistic for anyone, but reducing it is crucial for fostering self-esteem and resiliency, two key issues for women.

You have to change your relationship to the negative voice: to point out that there is a difference between real life and the stories that you tell yourself about those events. These interpretations directly influence the way someone takes meaning from whatever occurred.

Women often interpret things more negatively and personally than the situation calls for. We are socialized to please others and take care of them which means our self-worth is often tied to what people think about us. Putting negativity outside of yourself reduces feeling wrong or bad. It helps people acknowledge the critical feedback loops in their minds without being ruled by them.

Creating a few helpful phrases you can say to yourself when that negative voice appears will help you learn how to avoid believing what it says. This takes A LOT of practice. Learning to control the volume on that negative voice is a life skill that sustains crucial resiliency and self-esteem.