How to Beat the Blues

We are all tired of the pandemic. It is easy to get down and concentrate on the no-good, no-fun stuff. This post is to help you (and me) climb out of the blues.

COVID BluesReconfigure Resilience

You are probably tired of bouncing back. “Resilience Fatigue” is real. Don’t compare yourself or your kids to others. Start with acceptance and adjust your expectations on what you can do now, not last year.


Contentment is ongoing satisfaction. Build more contentment in simple ways such as introducing new foods, visiting a new location and asking friends what they do to break up monotony

Look Backwards to Move Forward

Look at what you have done so far in the pandemic in order to move forward. Write the ways each family member has persevered on a big sheet of paper and leave for everyone to see. You will see how far you have come.

Bundle Up and Go Outside

Fresh air is amazing. Even a quick walk in gray weather will rejuvenate you, bath your brain in endorphins and reduce the feelings of being trapped.

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