MORE THAN GRIT: Parenting ADHD Support Group



Day & Time: January 8 – February 12, 2020 8:00 – 9:30pm EDT.

Start Date: January 8, 2020


Workshop is Full.

Do you ever hit a wall parenting your child with ADHD? You are not alone.

Do you struggle with mixed feelings regarding your child with ADHD? You know you love them but, sometimes, to be honest, you may not like them that much. You understand that they have a harder time than neurotypical kids with focus, disorganization, homework completion, social cues, chores, routines, etc. You do your best to empathize with your child, and yet some days are just plain exhausting – for you and for them. When your energy tank is low, the strategies you are implementing are either not working or require too much energy to ensure they are adhered to regularly.

You’re in luck! I’ve decided to offer this support group to parents who want the help of a professional and a community of peers sharing a similar struggle. I want to help as many families as possible address the challenges they are facing NOW!

I am here to help! For three decades I have helped parents and children understand:

  • What causes family tension and how to create satisfying connections instead
  • How fostering independent, successful kids relies on implementing the 5C’s of ADHD parenting
  • Why the right, customized tools make all the difference in building competence and confidence
  • The root causes of their struggles
  • That collaboration is the key to successful strategy implementations
  • That life can be so much more rewarding with the right, customized tools

You’ll gain:

  • Numerous Proven Strategies to Help Your Child with ADHD Thrive
  • Personal Consultation about Your Particular Family Challenges
  • Insight and Ideas from Other Families with Similar Issues


ADHD Parent Support Group

6 Wednesday Evening Sessions

Presentation by Dr. Saline, followed by blind or not blind questions from registrants.

Strength-based Content:

  • Morning routines
  • Avoiding the homework hassle
  • Raising digital citizens-strategies for managing tech without yelling
  • Evening routines
  • Chores
  • Social skills 
  • Risky behaviors 
  • Improving self-control, in parents and children and teens
  • Tools for collaborative solutions


6 Evening Sessions, 8 – 9:15 pm EST  

Each session begins with a short presentation by Dr. Saline, followed by extensive Q&A from YOU about your life and your challenges.

Dr. Saline outlines common issues in families living with ADHD and offers easy-to-use, practical strategies that have helped children and teens like yours thrive. You can Pick and Choose Strategies that WORK for YOUR family! 


All sessions start at 8:00 pm EASTERN time.  Tentative dates for the next seminar are below.  If you wish to be notified of future seminars, please put your name on our seminar notification list.  Dates below are subject to change.

  • WEDNESDAY, January 8, 2020 – Session 1: Working as allies not adversaries: Tools for collaborative solutions that foster connection over conflict
  • WEDNESDAY, January 15 – Session 2: Beyond deep breathing: Improving self-control in parents and kids
  • WEDNESDAY, January 22 Session 3: Why are we always running behind? Optimizing Morning and Evening Routines
  • WEDNESDAY, January 29 – Session 4: Don’t touch my phone! Managing technology without yelling and meltdowns
  • WEDNESDAY, February 5 – Session 5: Getting stuff done! Stop arguing about chores, homework and responsibilities
  • WEDNESDAY, February 12 – Session 6: Is This Normal? Social skills, anxiety and risky behaviors


$179.00 includes:

  • 6 sessions of a lecture and live Q&A, given by zoom
  • presentation materials (sent out ahead of call)
  • handout(s)
  • Surveys to collect ALL of your questions not asked in the live Q&A
  • email support for exceptionally private questions
  • all course materials, including recordings, are yours to keep
  • Sessions are given by webinar, which can be accessed by phone or computer, anywhere in the world (different locations for each of you is fine)
  • All sessions are given live starting at 8:00pm eastern (New York, U.S.) time, ending around 9:30pm
  • If you miss a session, you can listen to the recording made of each session

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