Psychotherapy and Coaching

"ADHD rarely travels alone" - Dr. Sharon Saline

ADHD is often accompanied by anxiety, depression, or learning disabilities.
Psychotherapy can help.

Psychotherapy and Coaching

I maintain a private practice in Northampton, Massachusetts where I work with neurodiverse and 2e children, adolescents, college-age adults and families living with the challenges of ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities and depression. My deep hope is that people can discover and develop their strengths, find ways to improve their challenges and feel good about all aspects of who they are. I use a positive psychology approach that assists you in living with more authenticity, empowerment, competency and connection. I base my work on systems theory, insight-oriented psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness while sharing recent research on relevant topics.


I offer packages of two and four online coaching sessions for parents or individuals to assess your situation, explore new strategies and offer suggestions for the next steps. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me or reserve your sessions today by purchasing one of the online coaching packages.


I offer small group coaching options for parents of kids and teens with ADHD and for adults with ADHD.


If you’d like to get started today, you can register for my home study seminar, designed for parents of kids and teens with ADHD. Learn more about the seminar.


Is your family struggling to understand and live with the diagnosis of ADHD? Are you searching for effective, compassionate parenting tools?I work with families to reduce arguing and increase respectful, loving connections. Working with all members of your family, we break down stuck patterns and improve communication skills.

Children & Teens

Is your child or teen with ADHD or learning disabilities struggling at home, school or with friends? Do you notice signs of anxiety or depression? Using a collaborative style, I work with kids to understand how their unique brain works, to identify strengths and manage challenges more successfully. Together, with parental input, we will discover and set up what types of consistent, effective supports help them live more successfully.

College & Young Adults

Are you facing challenges managing your independence at college or work with your ADHD or learning differences? I can help you improve your executive functioning skills, productivity and social interactions so your life will run more smoothly and successfully. My strength-based approach assists you in doing more of what works.