Workshops & Lectures for Parents

"Sharon’s workshop was a great source of information
and strategies for me to support my son."

Workshops & Lectures for Parents

Speaking Topics

What is going on your teen’s brain? How can you respond thoughtfully to them without losing your cool? Dr. Saline will share the latest research about the changing teen brain, including the effects of technology and substance use on its development. You will learn effective strategies for motivating kids, solving conflicts and nurturing self-esteem while staying calm and positive.

Do you ever wonder what’s really going on in your child’s mind? Based on her current book, Dr. Saline offers rare insights into how kids honestly think and feel about having ADHD. With her unique, strength-based approach–’the 5 C’s of ADHD parenting,’ you will learn how to teach your kids daily living skills with less arguing and more cooperation.

Is your child worried and stressed? Today’s kids are more anxious than ever before. Dr. Saline will help you understand the causes and symptoms of anxiety and what really works to help reduce worry. Learn easy, effective tools to help your child worry less and feel more competent and confident.

Overwhelmed by technology in your family? Struggling to set limits that work? In this workshop, Dr. Saline will talk about raising kids in today’s digital world with less yelling and more cooperation. Learn to create a balanced relationship to electronic devices and social media for everyone in your family and reconnect to each other.

Discover new approaches to daily challenges of living with a child or teen with ADHD. Learn how to improve your child’s executive functioning skills while reducing conflict and building competence. Dr. Saline’s strength-based approach to managing challenging behaviors will bring calm to your family and help your child reach their potential.

Why does your child act that way? Dr. Saline will help you understand why kids’ physical, emotional and psychological development presents parents with constantly changing challenges. With her unique 5C’s parenting approach, she provides easy, practical tools to reduce conflict and increase cooperation.

Praise from Parents

“Hi Sharon Saline, I listened in on your session from the palooza today! And it was exactly what i needed to hear today – especially after last night’s 1 hour long tantrum. Thank you for making every thing less overwhelming… oh, did I mention you now have a fan in Jakarta, Indonesia!”

Parent, Jakarta, Indonesia

“As a presenter on parenting issues, Dr Saline does not disappoint. She’s a knowledgable and engaging speaker that uses humor to help make her point. Her insight and experience were evident both during the presentation as well as when answering audience questions. We happily look forward to hosting her again.”
The Hatfield Special Education Parent Advisory Council
Hatfield, MA

“Sharon’s workshop was a great source of information and strategies for me to support my son as he developed the skills to be independently successful at school. A deep understanding of adolescent development and skill-building in both social and academic arenas, coupled with her sense of humor, made working with Sharon productive, enriching, and fun.”
Kathy Unruh, Parent
Williamsburg, MA

“Dr. Saline instantly connected with our parent audience. Her presentation on the adolescent brain and executive functioning was both informative and affirmative for parents hoping to better support their teens. The parent of two adolescents herself, Dr Saline presented recent research in neuroscience with humor and compassion. Parents came away with new knowledge and practical strategies that foster growth and independence in their own adolescents.”
Shannon Greenwood, President
Williston Northampton School Parents’ Association
Easthampton, MA

I was at your presentation in Philly. It was great! Lots of good insight to help me work with my ADHD daughter age 14. I bought the book and will give it a good read. Thanks for making clear what our truly important goals should be, and suggesting better approaches to deal with her.” – Bill K.
Bill K, Parent
Philadelphia, PA