The 5 C’s of Successful ADHD Parenting (Video + Handout)



The 5 C’s of Successful ADHD Parenting

Find the “GOOD”! in your child with ADHD

Video + Handout

Could the arguments and miscommunications with your child with ADHD be resolved by implementing only 5 easy-to-remember steps? Yes! Dr. Saline has combined her 30+ years of experience with the most common themes from kids with ADHD and their parents.
Over the years, Dr. Saline noticed a pattern: the kids and the parents were each describing different scenarios at home. Her 5Cs are designed to help families work collaboratively and balance expectations.
These trends included the difficulties managing emotions, creating plans all members can be excited by, encouragement, feeling heard and understood, tackling tough subjects and so much more.
In this video, Dr. Saline identifies the top 5 family conflicts and offers corresponding, quick-to-implement strategies to help you and your child stop an escalation in its tracks, listen to the other’s point of view, and develop creative and loving resolutions.
Meet your child where they are, not where you wish they were.
“It’s as if Dr. Saline is in my living room. Her advice hits our issues on the head. Thank you” 

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