Anxiety and Food

Q: What foods might spike anxiety … and why?

A: Although I am not a medical doctor, I’ve observed that especially sugary foods or those with a lot of caffeine can increase someone’s agitation and then make them more prone to anxiety. Sometimes ginseng can do this as well. 

Q: Are there foods we should turn to instead to reduce anxiety?

A: I think herbal teas such as chamomile or those with other calming properties can be extremely useful. 

Q: How much should people be eating?

A: Everyone is different, but we should all eat slowly and mindfully! Often when people eat quickly or standing up, their bodies don’t have a chance to metabolize the food and recognized that they are sated Often overeating happens with rushing. u

Q: Are there any links between how much you eat and your anxiety or when you eat and anxiety?

A: Yes, some people eat when they feel anxious; others can’t eat. It’s really an individual response.  

Q: Is all of this true for people with diagnosed anxiety disorder only or just regular folks who sometimes feel anxious?

Whether or not you have an anxiety disorder or ‘just feel anxious sometimes,’ the feeling of anxiety is the same. The difference is one of frequency and intensity. So yes, it’s true for both sets of folks.

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