22 News Mass Appeal: Alternative ways to honor 2020 graduates during COVID-19

(Mass Appeal) – There’s a lot of disappointment for the graduating seniors this year: prom dresses will be left hanging in the closet; mortar boards will not get tossed in the air. Clinical psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline joins us today to talk about how you can empathize with your graduate, as well as honor them for their accomplishments.

Dr. Saline suggests to first offer support and validate their feelings of disappointment. Also, if you get some push back from your teen, it’s most likely because they are upset. Don’t tolerate abusive behavior, said Dr. Saline, but increased reactivity is normal.

Also, find ways they can celebrate their accomplishments. Have them share important pieces of work, dress up, bake them a cake. Also encourage them to be with friends safely through zoom events or even allow them to gather – with social distancing – in your driveway for a visit.

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