“This webinar was invaluable for us in better understanding our child and
implementing practical strategies to make everyday life more manageable.
I cannot recommend it highly enough."


Past Webinars

Do you ever hit a wall parenting your child with ADHD? You are not alone.

Do you struggle with mixed feelings regarding your child with ADHD? You know you love them but, sometimes, to be honest, you may not like them that much. You understand that they have a harder time than neurotypical kids with focus, disorganization, homework completion, social cues, chores, routines, etc. You do your best to empathize with your child, and yet some days are just plain exhausting – for you and for them. When your energy tank is low, the strategies you are implementing are either not working or require too much energy to ensure they are adhered to regularly.

You're in luck! I've decided to offer this support group to parents who want the help of a professional and a community of peers sharing a similar struggle. I want to help as many families as possible address the challenges they are facing NOW!

I am here to help! For three decades I have helped parents and children understand:

  • What causes family tension and how to create satisfying connections instead
  • How fostering independent, successful kids relies on implementing the 5C’s of ADHD parenting
  • Why the right, customized tools make all the difference in building competence and confidence
  • The root causes of their struggles
  • That collaboration is the key to successful strategy implementations
  • That life can be so much more rewarding with the right, customized tools

You'll gain:

  • Numerous Proven Strategies to Help Your Child with ADHD Thrive
  • Personal Consultation about Your Particular Family Challenges
  • Insight and Ideas from Other Families with Similar Issues

ADHD Parent Support Group

6 Sessions

Presentation by Dr. Saline, followed by blind or not blind questions from registrants.

Strength-based Content:

  • Morning routines
  • Avoiding the homework hassle
  • Raising digital citizens-strategies for managing tech without yelling
  • Evening routines
  • Chores
  • Social skills 
  • Risky behaviors 
  • Improving self-control, in parents and children and teens
  • Tools for collaborative solutions


Each session begins with a short presentation by Dr. Saline, followed by extensive Q&A from YOU about your life and your challenges.

Dr. Saline outlines common issues in families living with ADHD and offers easy-to-use, practical strategies that have helped children and teens like yours thrive. You can Pick and Choose Strategies that WORK for YOUR family! 


  • Session 1: Working as allies not adversaries: Tools for collaborative solutions that foster connection over conflict
  • Session 2: Beyond deep breathing: Improving self-control in parents and kids
  • Session 3: Why are we always running behind? Optimizing Morning and Evening Routines
  • Session 4: Don’t touch my phone! Managing technology without yelling and meltdowns
  • Session 5: Getting stuff done! Stop arguing about chores, homework and responsibilities
  • Session 6: Is This Normal? Social skills, anxiety and risky behaviors

Imagine Your Future

Successful relationships are made up of a series of milestone moments.

And that each milestone presents a fork in the road

Choose the right path, and build unstoppable momentum towards peace, happiness, joy and lifelong strong family bonds.

Choose the wrong path, and you either waste precious time trying to fit a “one-size-fits-all” strategy or accidentally sabotage the relationship.

These paths get well-worn. They become habits. You can get stuck and think there isn’t a way out, OR you can follow the right path toward family.

The ABC’s of ADHD Parenting Class

Kids want to tell adults, “I need you to understand and accept me even if I don’t understand and accept myself.

This series will explain and explore effective strategies for understanding and parenting ADHD in children and teens. It offers fresh perspectives on managing challenging behaviors and creating collaborative solutions. The series will teach parents successful tools for maximizing your child’s potential, minimizing behavioral conflicts and improving overall self-esteem. Based on her award-winning book, What your ADHD child wishes you knew, Dr. Saline mixes lecture, exercises, and discussion to help you develop creative, lasting solutions to everyday challenges.  

Meet your child where they are - not where you expect them to be.

When you accept the brain that your child has and who your child is, it makes all the difference for them

What Your Child With ADHD Wishes You Knew webinar

Instructor: Dr. Sharon Saline

"Hi Dr. Saline, Thank you so much for all the information. Our son has been evaluated at the beginning of 2018 and since then we are trying to help him using all possible sources we have access to. Your class gave us the most important information we didn’t get anywhere else - the executive functioning skills we need to help him with.

Somehow intuitively we work with him everyday to achieve emotional balance, to better control his impulsivity , to better follow directions, follow the schedule etc. but now we can better target his needs.

Thank you! We are looking forward to attending next class."


Do homework and chores end up with you and your child or teen arguing? Do you ever wonder what’s really going on in the minds of kids with ADHD? Dr. Sharon Saline, a veteran psychologist, has extensive experience working with children, teens, parents and school staff on how to better manage life with ADHD. Based on her new book, What your ADHD child wishes you knew: Working together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life, Dr. Saline offers rare insights into how kids honestly think and feel about having ADHD and what best helps them. With her unique, strength-based approach–’the 5 C’s of ADHD parenting,’ you will learn how to teach your kids the essential daily living skills they need for success with less arguing and more cooperation.

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD, the whole family is affected. In this seminar, taught by author and ADHD expert Dr. Sharon Saline, you will gain the essential information you need to understand ADHD and improve your child or teen’s executive functioning skills more effectively and patiently. You’ll learn how the ADHD brain works, how to navigate school and advocate for your son or daughter, how to reduce conflicts at home and how to help them become more confident and competent. She will also address hot topics such as managing technology, anxiety, siblings and social relationships. Learn directly from Dr. Sharon Saline as she shares her valuable insights and recommendations about living successfully with ADHD.

As a parent or teacher, you need to know:

  • What are the signs that ADHD may be a factor?
  • How do I obtain an accurate diagnosis for my child or teen and then what’s next?
  • What are the typical challenges for kids with ADHD and how can I best help my son or daughter learn the skills they need?
  • What are the 5C’s of successful ADHD parenting?
  • What’s the most reliable path to working together collaboratively to build competence and resilience?
  • This seminar will answer those questions and more.

You’ll Learn Critical Skills

After taking the What Your Child With ADHD Wishes You Knew webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify whether ADHD is a critical factor in your struggles
  • Understand why executive functioning skills matter
  • Accurately identify and understand the ramifications of your top struggles
  • Provide the appropriate advice for the particular stage and situation of the child
  • Identify common “traps” that families will fall into even before they happen
  • Create strategies for improving organization and motivation
  • Build better study habits and create useful routines that improve student achievement
  • Assess whether or not the ADHD child is being adequately treated for ADHD
  • Address the expectations of each family member, helping them manage their interactions in a way that will promote the fastest possible growth and gains
  • Teach your child specific communication and interaction techniques
  • Implement self-calming techniques to get your own emotions in check


SESSION ONE: All about ADHD and Medication: What is ADHD and executive functioning skills? How do I obtain an accurate diagnosis and talk with my child or teen about it? What role do medications and non-medical interventions play? Once we have a diagnosis, what’s next?

SESSION TWO: All about ADHD at School:  What can we do to help manage school-related ADHD issues like school challenges, learning disabilities or daily frustration? How do we set up home/school plans that promote success and positive self-esteem? What types of accommodations should we arrange? How can we reduce homework stress and create more effective studying?

SESSION THREE: All about ADHD at Home: How do we stop arguing and improve cooperation? What types of plans and routines foster the executive functioning skills kids with ADHD need the most? Why don’t punishments work and what can you do instead to motivate your son or daughter?

SESSION FOUR: All about ADHD in General:  How can you help kids with ADHD make and maintain friendships? How can you stop arguing about technology? What are signs of co-occurring mental health issues and risky behaviors and what should you do about them?

The Convenience of Your Home!

Attending these seminars is as easy as connecting with your computer.  Each week we will send you any presentation and reading materials you need.  You can print out materials so you can easily take notes, choose to follow them on your computer, or store them away and just listen to the sessions. All seminars will be recorded, with those recordings available to any participant who wants to hear them again or catch up from a session they missed.

Each session will include 45 minutes of guided content, followed by a 15-minute Q&A. 

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Home Study Seminar

For those times when the live course is not being given, parents can access recent course materials in recorded form. This self-paced training lets you learn Dr. Saline’s parenting advice anytime, anywhere. Access downloadable course content that empowers you to be the parent you know you can be.
Please note: The Home Study Seminar is the recorded version of Dr. Saline’s Spring 2019 live seminar, complete with handouts, answered parent questions, and curated content. Learn more.

Praise from Parents

“Thank you so much for all the information. Our son Julian has been evaluated at the beginning of 2018 and since then we are trying to help him using all possible sources we have access to. Your class gave us the most important information we didn’t get anywhere else—the executive functioning skills we need to help him with. Somehow intuitively we work with him every day to achieve emotional balance, to better control his impulsivity, to better follow directions, follow the schedule etc. but now we can better target his needs. Thank you!”


This series of workshops was invaluable for us in better understanding our child and implementing practical strategies to make everyday life more manageable for her and us. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you!

Mairi G.

The workshop was extremely helpful by covering the basics about ADHD and then discussing the main areas by breaking them into categories such as school, at home, and screentime, etc. The homework was helpful by making me apply the information directly to my child. The workshop was very well structured and easy to follow. I wish for the future that Dr. Saline will offer more workshops that go into even more specifics in each area, such as screen time, sleep, etc.

Anne B.