ADHD Webinars

ADHD Webinars

Building Better Brains Webinar Series by Dr. Sharon Saline

Dr. Sharon Saline’s
Building Better Brains
Webinar Series

ADHD Webinars with Dr. Sharon Saline
For adults, Families & Professionals


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 pm EST

Cost: $34.99

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More ADHD Webinar Recordings from Dr. Sharon

"Defeating the Worry Monster: Tips and tools helping elementary school children with ADHD and anxiety" with Dr. Sharon Saline, Webinar recording

Access the recording here!

This webinar was originally recording on February 9, 2022.

Target Audience: Parents and guardians of elementary school children with ADHD, as well as educators and mental health professionals.

Webinar Description:

Would you like some practical strategies to help your child with ADHD manage their anxiety and reduce some of your own? In this parenting webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline, clinical psychologist, author and consultant, will give you useful tools for helping your kids reduce their anxiety and increase their confidence. She will show you how to improve your child’s ability for self-regulation, reality-testing and social interactions in the face of persistent worries. You’ll also gain techniques for your own reactions in the face of your child’s irrational concerns and disruptive behaviors. Walk away with a Family Anxiety Management Plan, unique to your situation!

In this parenting webinar, you will gain:

  • Knowledge and understanding about children living with ADHD and anxiety
  • Interventions to reduce worrying, social anxiety and reactivity
  • Effective strategies to decrease stress and increase calm
  • A customized plan for building resilience based on validation instead of reassurance

Access the recording here!

Access the recording here!

This webinar was originally recorded on May 11, 2022.

Target Audience: Parents and guardians of neurodivergent high schoolers (and their teens!), as well as educators and mental health professionals.

Webinar Description:

Are you and your teen struggling with the pressure and anxiety that comes with preparing for life after high school? It can be hard to know how and when to support neurodivergent teens and when to let go. You wonder if they’ve grasped the life skills that they’ve been taught and if they’ll be able to find the support that they need so they can thrive.

In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline, PsyD – clinical psychologist, author and consultant – will help parents and their teens navigate this tricky transition. She will share useful tools to help balance your teen’s autonomy and connection while fostering coping strategies to manage the stress of young adulthood. She will also help parents learn how to cope with their concerns and uncertainty, and how they can best offer support to their growing teen. The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A, where parents (and teens) can ask questions about their most pressing concerns. After attending this webinar, you will be able to better help your teen forge a successful post-high school path with less conflict and more confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the developmental milestones in transitioning to adulthood
  • Apply the 5C’s of ADHD in parenting older teens and young adults
  • Build tools and practices for managing your anxiety and concerns
  • Identify strategies for fostering your teen’s confidence and resilience
  • Improve family communication and strengthen relationships

Access the recording here!

2022 Navigating College with ADHD - BBB Webinar Series Page (1)

Access the recording here!

This webinar was originally recorded on June 20, 2022.

Target Audience: Future and current college students with ADHD

Webinar Description:

Are you a current or future college student who isn’t sure how to make a strong transition to higher education? In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline, veteran psychologist and author of “What your ADHD child wishes you knew: Working together to empower kids for success in school and life” and “The ADHD Solution Card Deck” will help you figure out how to get what you need to set yourself up for success at college. She’ll show you how to discuss accommodations with professors, use the resources of the student services office and overcome anxiety about these conversations. You’ll leave with practical tools to manage your time, stay organized and keep motivated academically, personally and socially.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe appropriate accommodations for college students with ADHD and Learning Disabilities.
  • Learn how to advocate for yourself with professors and learning support staff.
  • Develop strategies for time management, organization and motivation.
  • Manage anxiety and shame about executive functioning challenges related to ADHD.

Access the recording here!

Praise from Parents

“Thank you so much for all the information. Our son Julian has been evaluated at the beginning of 2018 and since then we are trying to help him using all possible sources we have access to. Your class gave us the most important information we didn’t get anywhere else—the executive functioning skills we need to help him with. Somehow intuitively we work with him every day to achieve emotional balance, to better control his impulsivity, to better follow directions, follow the schedule etc. but now we can better target his needs. Thank you!”


This series of workshops was invaluable for us in better understanding our child and implementing practical strategies to make everyday life more manageable for her and us. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you!

Mairi G.

Thanks so much for all that you do, your webinars have helped us so much as a family. So grateful! ❤️

Dr. Kate J.

The workshop was extremely helpful by covering the basics about ADHD and then discussing the main areas by breaking them into categories such as school, at home, and screentime, etc. The homework was helpful by making me apply the information directly to my child. The workshop was very well structured and easy to follow. I wish for the future that Dr. Saline will offer more workshops that go into even more specifics in each area, such as screen time, sleep, etc.

Anne B.