EsaCare: Top 3 Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal on ADHD by 14 Renowned Experts

People suffering from mental health conditions experience multiple emotions that change through the day daily. Support animals for them are meant to help their owners keep their emotions in check and remain calm. It helps if the animal you choose to support you is cuddly and cute. ADHD is among the most severe mental health conditions. It affects a patient’s brain and progresses to affect different areas of his/her life in tangible ways when struggling to keep its symptoms in check.

One of the ways that experts have come up to deal with some of the symptoms of ADHD is by having an emotional support animal {ESA}. A few people are nonetheless still unconvinced about the impact of the same on the control of their ADHD symptoms.

We asked fifteen experts; ‘’if you had to list the benefits of an ESA for patients who have ADHD, what are the three leading answers that you will qualify in your list?’’ Here are tidbits on the experts we chose to answer this question.

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