ExQ Infinite Know How: Confident and Curious Webinar

Now that the novelty of returning to school has started to wear off, our students are facing the reality of hybrid and online learning. The 2020-21 academic year promises to amplify anxiety that complicates a successful educational experience. Given the very real challenges students, teachers and parents are confronting daily, ordinary worries about academics, extracurricular activities and social relationships seem to be ballooning into troublesome anxiety. Steps taken by well-intentioned adults might actually be counterproductive for students coping with the unusual stress of this complicated time. Educators need new techniques for helping children and teens manage their anxiety so they can learn more effectively.

Join Sucheta Kamath, CEO & Founder of ExQ and her collaborator an author and a clinical psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline, Ph.D. to learn about tips and tricks from their collective toolboxes to help improve daily interactions between anxious students and those who care for them.

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