How ADHD Is Diagnosed

This content is excerpted from HealthCentral on How ADHD Is Diagnosed. I am one of the panel experts, along with Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Rosemarie Manfredi, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist

Let’s Talk About How ADHD Is Diagnosed

How ADHD Is Diagnosed.

There’s no single test that can determine if you or your child has ADHD, but we’ll help you get the answers you’re seeking.


First, What Exactly Is ADHD?

Where Can I Get an Evaluation?

What’s a Comprehensive Evaluation for ADHD?

The Diagnostic Interview

Standardized Behavior Rating Scales

Interview With VIPs

DSM-5 Symptom Checklists

Are There Other Tests for ADHD?

What About School Evaluations?

What Are the Chances of a “False Positive” or a Misdiagnosis?


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