Psychology Today: ADHD and Focus: How to improve flow and attention in a distracted 2021 COVID world

Even though it’s 2021, not much seems that different than a week ago. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change all of our lives in ways we could never have imagined a year ago. For older teens and young adults, the markers of how you’ve defined yourself–school, music, sports, friends, parties, work have shifted dramatically in 2020. In fact, it’s probably difficult to imagine how and when these beloved parts of your lives will actually return. It’s been disorienting, disappointing and isolating to say the least. Many young people with ADHD have been struggling to make it through, avoid depression and get basic stuff done. Amidst increased anxiety and constant access to technology, it’s harder than ever to find focus and stay attentive. If you feel more distracted than ever, you are certainly not alone.

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