Additude Webinar Replay – Gender Diversity and Neurodiversity: How to Support a Child, Teen, or Young Adult with ADHD as They Explore Gender

“If every generation of youth finds a way to upend parents’ basic notions of the world, certainly gender is today’s arena for change. With children and teens increasingly declaring a gender different than their sex assigned at birth, and many teens responding to “they/them/their,” nothing short of a gender revolution is taking place. Parents are often left to play catch-up with their children and teens, who increasingly view gender as a spectrum, not a binary.

As young people work to understand and define their gender, caring adults may struggle with how to respond appropriately, how to manage their own feelings and reactions, and how to give or find adequate support. For parents of kids living with ADHD, additional concerns about executive functioning challenges — like impulsivity, emotional dysregulation, planning, and focus — may further complicate the picture.

It is important for parents, clinicians, and coaches to research how this generation of youth is reframing notions of gender and how neurodiversity intersects with this process. In this webinar, Julie Mencher, MSW, and Sharon Saline, PsyD, will discuss the fundamentals of understanding gender diversity and how ADHD affects the journey.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the process of the gender journey, for the young person and their family members
  • Understand and use appropriate, thoughtful language
  • Manage your own reactions to the changes in children, teens, and young adults
  • Prepare for and engage in empathic, informed conversations about gender questioning and transitioning
  • Explore how to read your child’s behavior in relation to gender exploration and ADHD struggles
  • Watch for self-harming behaviors or other mental health concerns

Watch the webinar here!

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