Taking Control, The ADHD Podcast: Call Out Your Stinking Thinking! ADHD & Self-Compassion with Dr. Sharon Saline

Dr. Sharon Saline joins Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright on Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast!

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“We’d never heard of the phrase stinking thinking until Sharon Saline used it with us on the show this week. But we knew what it meant immediately. We live with it. It’s the thinking we use about ourselves when we’re compromised or when our reserves of resiliency have been tapped, and when what we need more than anything else is just a little bit of self-compassion.

But as ADHDers, finding self-compassion isn’t always natural. We have to make a practice of it, integrating the language and behaviors of compassion into our days and hours such that when we need it, it’s not so hard to find…”

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