ADDitude Mag – Flow State vs. Hyperfocus: On Channeling Your Unsteady ADHD Attention

What is considered flow state vs. hyperfocus for people with ADHD? “Are there any differences between being hyperfocused and being in a flow state? Yes! A hyperfocused ADHD brain is completely absorbed in its task — to the point of seemingly ignoring or tuning out everything else. Some people describe hyperfocus as a dream-like state wherein the outside world ceases to exist.

A child in hyperfocus [vs. a flow state] may become too engrossed in a video game to hear his parents call his name. An adult in hyperfocus may be reading a book so intently that they lose track of time and miss an appointment.

Some neurotypical people may occasionally experience a hyperfocus-like state. However, it occurs more often in people with conditions that reflect attention issues, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).”

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“Flow State vs. Hyperfocus: On Channeling Your Unsteady ADHD Attention”

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