"Every time Dr. Saline speaks at one of our conferences,
she fulfills my expectations and then some."


“Dr. Saline’s flair for theater, refreshing wit, candor, and ability to translate technical information for a lay audience are qualities that are rare to find in a clinical psychologist. She shares a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in her accessible, instructive and entertaining presentations. I highly recommend her to any parent, teacher, or mental health professional interested in adolescents, the brain, ADD/ADHD, or the human condition!”

Dr. Laurie Ostendorf
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and parent
Northampton, MA

“Sharon’s blend of compassion, humor, and depth of knowledge–struck just the right balance and kept the audience deeply engaged. She is a terrific speaker. My students were completely won over by her wonderful use of story, humor, and her deep compassion for kids and families who are struggling.”

Duncan Laird LICSW
Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut School for Social Work
Director of Psychological Counseling Services, The Williston-Northampton School

“On her recent forays to the Caribbean, Dr. Saline hhas been nothing short of wonderful in her addresses for parents and students. Sharon is insightful, creative, flexible to the needs of her students and truly prepares and reflects on the key points of her presentations. Every year, we get fresh, vital information that permits our students to grow from strength to strength in how they handle their studies.”

Sandra Bramwell
Founder and Director of Versan Educational Services
Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica

“Dr. Sharon, in her role as consulting psychologist and workshop presenter, has been a welcome addition to the Montessori School of Northampton school community as a whole and to my classroom of 9-12 year old students. Sharon is a fierce advocate for our students with special needs and their families. Her keen understanding, intelligence and sensitivity of the social and emotional lives of children and the adults who serve them brought the much needed clarity I needed to be a more effective teacher.”

Marian Parker
Head teacher, Upper Elementary Classroom
Montessori School of Northampton
Northampton, MA

“Dr. Saline has been the key organizer and speaker at our monthly parenting workshops. She always gives our attendees an engaging presentation of intelligent, insightful and clear guidance with the occasional moment of humor thrown in. The parents who have come to our workshops have uniformly expressed their appreciation for her work and help on a multitude of parenting issues.”

Jonathan Schwab MD
Medical Director Northampton Area Pediatrics

“Dr. Saline has spoken at several Small Boarding School Associations conferences. Every time, she fulfills my expectations and then some. People at other presentations repeatedly reference the information she provides and leave with many useful tools and insights. In 2013, at our annual conference at the Purnell School, she was the perfect Keynote speaker–strong and engaging for an audience of over 200 educational consultants and educators.”

Michele Gorman
Educational Consultant Former President and current Board Member,
Small Boarding School Association of North America

All our kids deserve to be loved in the best way that helps them grow and mature. Adults play a key role in this, and Dr. Sharon Saline has helped make this more a reality through her book.
Dr. Sharon Saline did an excellent job of shedding light on what ADHD is and how to better help those who struggle with this condition.
Something I noticed throughout the book was that many of the concepts she teaches also help those dealing with difficult moments in life or trauma.
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Don Shetterly
Mind Body Thought Book Review