Homework Strategies That Really Work

Avoiding the Homework Hassle (Video & Handout)

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Homework challenges are consistently a concern for families. There are arguments about the time it takes, the interruptions, push backs, etc. The teens dread homework because they are tired of spending the day learning about things they could care less about. Can it be different this year?

In Avoiding the Homework Hassle, I provide effective strategies so you and your family can have the BEST school year yet!

I offer advice on medication and/or lack of after the school day, organizational challenges, academic complexities, learning demands, executive function skills challenges, emotion and impulse control, prioritizing, multitasking, screen usage, parents’ role, rewards and so much more. Homework requires all of the above skills, and when a student spent the whole day at school find it challenging to do more of it.

I suggest several approaches to helping with the homework struggle using my unique 5 C’s approach that has helped other parents support students with ADHD.

I offer questions to ask your child that will yield results and involve their buy-in; advice on improving consistency, schedules, routines, transitions, homework submission; and insight into their brains and so much more – making this guided parenting program invaluable for most parents.

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