2019 Parenting Autism Summit

Helping Your Anxious Child with Social Interactions & Connections

The Parenting Autism Summit that starts online Monday (11/4). This summit brings together 28 autism and parenting experts (including me!) to help you help your child! It’s all online, and free, too! Register for free here!

Join me at the Parenting Autism Summit, and you’ll learn:

Aspects of autism that make emotions, behavior, and self-regulation more difficult and how to address them.
How to parent the kid you have, by shifting your mindset and meeting your child where they are.
How to help with social issues and foster connections for (and with) your child.
How to navigate school challenges, learn to advocate, and support executive functioning deficits to prepare your child for success in all aspects of life.

This event is going to be awesome. It can change your child’s life, not to mention the whole family.

Remember… you can watch all the videos FREE. That’s right, totally free the week of November 4-7, 2019.

Or, to have access to all 28 workshops FOREVER, purchase an Empowerment Pass by clicking here!