2021 ADHD Couples’ Palooza (Feat. Dr. Saline)

2021 ADHD Couples' Palooza

2021 ADHD Couples’ Palooza

Free and Online! | Hosted by Linda Roggli

Featuring a presentation with Dr. Sharon Saline on 12/3.

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Relationships can be tricky for anyone, but for ADHD couples, things are even more challenging! That’s why I am happy to announce the first ever ADHD Couples’ Palooza, hosted by my friend and colleague, Linda Roggli of ADDiva.net.

Join us for interviews with top ADHD experts (recordings are released each morning!). Registered participants can also join a LIVE panel of ADHD couples who will share their stories and insights, plus answer questions on Sunday, December 5 from 1:00–3:30pm ET.

You’ll have more than 30 hours of FREE access and the opportunity to own all of the sessions & transcripts if you prefer.

Here are just a few of the topics covered on this significant weekend for ADHD Couples:

  • “I’m SO Angry” – for both the ADHD and non-ADHD partner
  • Gaslighting and why ADHD partners are especially vulnerable
  • Reacting vs Responding – the key to real communication
  • Mindful Relationships
  • Fun, sex and conversation: how they help ADHD relationships thrive
  • Non-ADHD partners – what are THEY thinking?
  • Divorce – yes, a sad truth for many ADHD couples
    …and SO MUCH MORE!

Perfect for both ADHD and non-ADHD partners alike–even better when experienced together!


Full event: Friday, 12/3 – Sunday, 12/5

Dr. Saline’s presentation: Released on Friday, 12/3

LIVE panel of ADHD couples: Sunday, 12/5, 1:00pm-3:30pm ET

Register here for free today!

For more information, please contact me at info@drsharonsaline.com.