Actualizados Workshop by Dr. Saline: Mindful approaches to living better with ADHD

Event promo graphic says "Mindful Approaches to Living Better with ADHD" An Actualizados Workshop with Dr. Sharon Saline, PsyD, Saturday, March 19, 2022, Online, Zoom, 9:00am - 12:00pm ET, 10am – 1pm ART (UTC-3), English & Spanish Translations"

Mindfulness Para Vivir Mejor Con TDAH

Mindful approaches to living better with ADHD for parents, children and teens

An Actualizados workshop by Dr. Sharon Saline

Would you like to help children, teens and young adults with ADHD live with better self-management, social skills and personal insight? In this workshop, Dr. Sharon Saline will show you how mindful self-compassion improves metacognition, emotional regulation, impulse control, and other executive functioning skills that frequently challenge people with ADHD.

After reviewing recent research on ADHD, executive functioning skills and co-occurring conditions, Dr. Saline will show you how to reduce stress, anxiety and shame in your clients through mindful self-awareness. Mindfulness builds cognitive skills over time that support people in being more focused, making thoughtful choices, starting and maintaining routines and treating others better.

When children and teens and young adults learn and practice these techniques, they engage in less negative self-talk and possess more confidence to apply themselves more successfully in school or work, at home and with peers. This workshop will be both didactic and experiential in nature. You will leave with practical, innovative tools to assist your clients in living with more calm, contentment and satisfying connections.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the biological, behavioral and emotional factors related to ADHD and executive functioning skills based on recent research.
  2. Discuss how co-existing disorders including anxiety, depression and trauma affect neurodivergent children and teens.
  3. Define the primary tenets of mindfulness and how its practice affects cognition, emotion and specific executive functioning skills related to living with ADHD.
  4. Understand how to use mindfulness in sessions with children, teens, young adults and families to reduce stress, shame and negativity and increase confidence and connection.
  5. Manage your own reactivity and frustration with mindful self-compassion.

Date: March 19, 2022

Time: 10am – 1pm ART (UTC-3) // 9am – 12pm ET

This workshop will be accessible to English & Spanish speakers.

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