ADDitude Mag Live Webinar: S.O.S. (Save Our Summer!) A Parent’s Guide to Daily Routines, Screen Limits & Safe Social Outings

As school winds down and warm weather arrives, many families are scrambling to navigate the summer without camps and other planned activities. Once school ends, most kids will have hours of unstructured time with no responsibilities while many parents continue to work from home or return to their jobs in person. Plus, having a child with ADHD comes with additional obstacles. How can you and your family make this transition smoothly and look forward to a sane, stress-free summer? How can you get some much-needed recuperation time, too?

In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline offers practical, easy tools for setting up a successful summer. You’ll learn how to create effective summer routines, cope with anxiety about COVID, manage screen time, and arrange safe peer interactions. Submit your question by emailing to ask questions about the following:

  • How to set up smart daily routines and long-term plans
  • How to deal with mental health issues related to COVID-19 (such as feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, and anger)
  • How to go with the flow in a world without answers
  • How limit screen time without arguments
  • How to foster social contact that’s safe and appropriate
  • How to solve childcare challenges
  • How to take care of ourselves and what self-care really looks like

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