AFTA 2020 Conference: When Worrying Takes Over

When Worrying Takes Over: Helping Kids with ADHD
Overcome Anxiety and Build Resiliency

Part of the American Family Therapy Academy’s 2020 Conference

Our 42nd Annual Meeting and Open Conference, Politics & Systems: Navigating Complex Relational and Global Issues, offers salient topics and invites critical dialogues that reflect our society’s current socio-political climate. As a professional organization that is committed to social justice, it is time we focus on repairing relational and global ruptures and enhancing our practices of relational activism to support families and communities who must navigate the brutal implications and politics that influence our relationships.

Conference dates: June 24-27, 2020.

Dr. Saline’s talk, date and time TBA.

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Copies of Dr. Saline’s will be available for purchase.

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