AISNE Workshop

Supporting Different Brains at Work: Helping Neurodivergent Adults Maximize Performance, Build Connections and Nurture Self-Confidence

Date: April 7-8th, 2024

Location: Norwood, MA

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Do you ever wonder what is going on in the minds of neurodivergent coworkers with ADHD, depression, anxiety, or other learning differences? What is executive functioning and why does it matter so much? Why do they struggle to manage time, focus, organization, motivation and planning? In this webinar, Dr. Saline explains how ADHD and other conditions like anxiety and learning disabilities work and how they can show up at the workplace. She will discuss why improving executive functioning skills is so critical to successful daily functioning. She will offer innovative strategies that help all colleagues, not just those who are neurodivergent learners, to improve focus, organization, emotional regulation, planning and motivation. Dr. Saline will also share strategies for how to seek support if you are an outside the box thinker and how to support colleagues who are. You will leave with greater knowledge about how to foster a professional environment of compassion, acceptance and productivity for everybody.

Learning Objectives and Takeaways:

  • Understand and explain ADHD and neurodivergence and executive functioning skills in adults

  • Describe the impact of ADHD, neurodivergence and co-occurring conditions on work life

  • Learn strategies to improve productivity, organization, time management, motivation and follow through

  • Improve compassion and communication about learning differences in the workplace

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