CHADD Webinar by Dr. Saline: Solutions for Social Anxiety in Children and Teens with ADHD

Solutions for Social Anxiety in Children and Teens with ADHD

A CHADD ‘Ask the Expert’ Webinar by Dr. Sharon Saline:


This webinar will be recorded, and a link will be emailed to those who register 24 hours after the event.

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Webinar Description:

Does your child or teen struggle with making and keeping friends, speaking in front of others, or joining group activities? It’s common for children and teens with ADHD to receive significant negative feedback from others about being different. Concerned about rejection, embarrassment, and exclusion, they often feel misunderstood and lonely. As a parent, it’s tough to watch them struggle. You may feel uncertain about how to intervene, powerless to help them, and frustrated when they refuse your help.

In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline will talk about how you can help your child learn how to participate more fully in social situations with greater confidence and less self-criticism. After explaining how social anxiety works, she will offer practical tools for teaching kids how to engage more effectively with peers and adults at school, at home, and in life. You will leave this webinar with useful strategies to improve your child’s conversational skills, ability to initiate and foster friendships, and increase their self-esteem.

Learning objectives:

1. Understand how social anxiety works and why it is a common issue for kids with ADHD.
2. Develop effective tools for helping kids build conversational skills, develop friendships, and speak in public.
3. Create strategies for reducing social anxiety and rejection sensitivity and increasing your child’s participation in social situations.
4. Improve kids’ self-confidence and courage in peer relationships.

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