Chaos to Calm Parenting Academy: A Masterclass Series

Chaos to Calm Parenting Academy

A Masterclass Series hosted by grief/trauma therapist and parenting coach Jill Falling

Parenting can be brutal. Unfortunately, many parents find themselves emotionally sinking, unsure how to navigate the next meltdown (their child’s or then their own), exhausted from frustration and discouraged. If you can relate, I hope you will join me at the Chaos To Calm Parenting Academy! I’ll be there offering you support as a guest speaker!
This FREE Masterclass Series is 14 straight days of hope, encouragement, and strategies from worldwide, internationally known parenting experts, therapists and NYT Best-Selling authors. These speakers will share their expertise and passion on how to break unhealthy generational parenting cycles, up-level your parenting skills, and create that stress-free household you’ve always wanted. You’ll have 28 “best of the best” here to help you overcome challenges and get you on your way to parenting with confidence!

Dates: July 18 – July 31

Price: FREE

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