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Nobody taught you how to build a secure partnership, and now you’re wondering if it’s even possible to live with less friction. 
You’re exhausted from looking for help only to feel misunderstood by those who don’t understand how your brain works. Managing life is getting harder as your energy is drained by chaos on the calendar and in your home. Something needs to change.

We’ve Got you, Friend.

My presentation will be featured on “Navigating the thorny path of Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD) in Relationships.

Do you ever feel so devastated by the criticism from a partner that you struggle to rebound? Is it tough to avoid shame about things you do without thinking and regret later? Perhaps you are the partner of somebody with ADHD who hears any constructive feedback as blame, judgment or disapproval and then falls apart. Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD), a common co-existing condition with ADHD, can strongly impact relationships and create toxic patterns of interaction in couples.

Since people with RSD struggle with letting go of past hurts and experience heightened emotional sensitivity, it can be very complicated for couples to manage conflict, discuss delicate subjects and process emotions successfully. Dr. Sharon Saline, author, clinician, speaker and consultant, will show you how to manage the special challenges that arise in these relationships. She’ll teach you how both partners can regulate better and handle challenging conversations with less blame, negativity and over-personalizing while fostering connection and closeness.

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