ADDitude Webinar – Mid-Year Motivation Guide: Help Your Child Persist with Hybrid or Online Learning

Mid-Year Motivation Guide: Help Your Child Persist with Hybrid or Online Learning

Free Live ADDitude Webinar with Dr. Sharon Saline

At this point in the school year, many parents and educators are feeling frustrated and thwarted in their efforts to teach responsibility, motivation, and persistence to children with ADHD, learning differences, and mood instability. Hybrid and online learning have challenged how kids attend school, approach learning, and feel about themselves. Disruptions in emotional regulation and social relationships have complicated things further. Children want to do well, but often lack the resources and confidence to do so.

Building upon a strength-based, collaborative approach, veteran psychologist and author Sharon Saline will explain how to recalibrate and use strategies that help students adapt to online education, socially distanced peer relationships, and increased family time. By working together to improve executive functioning skills related to motivation, persistence, task completion, and emotional control, families can create solutions to daily challenges with more cooperation and less conflict.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve interventions to promote academic success in remote, in-person, and hybrid learning environments
  • Increase motivation, goal-directed persistence, time management, and organizational skills
  • Identify potential mental health issues related to the altered social and academic landscapes
  • Create more effective daily routines to reduce stress and manage household chores
  • Foster parent-child connections with effective communication and compassionate connection

Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Time: 1:00pm EST

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