Smith College Webinar: Girls in Crisis: Improving Care for Tween and Teen Girls with ADHD (and more)

Girls in Crisis: Improving Care for Tween and Teen Girls with ADHA (and more)

A Smith College School for Social Work webinar with Dr. Sharon Saline

Today’s girls are in crisis. For those girls with ADHD between the ages of 10-18, the risks of depression, anxiety, social isolation and self-harming behaviors are even higher. This webinar will specifically address the intersectionality of ADHD in girls with learning disabilities, mental health issues, level one autism and cultural influences. Sharon Saline, Psy.D. will examine the complicated journey of growing up as a neurodivergent female by looking first at the biological, cognitive and psychosocial factors affecting girls today. She will cover topics related to puberty/hormonal changes, gender identity, sexual orientation, racism, societal standards of beauty, twice exceptionality, bullying and perfectionism. Dr. Saline will offer effective tools to assist clinicians and educators with interventions directed at improving executive functioning skills, social-emotional learning, confidence and self-advocacy for their clients/students. The role of social media, access to care (or lack thereof), and strategies for fostering resilience will also be explored. Participants will gain insight into key strengths-based approaches and practical strategies that help their clients develop productivity, authenticity and self-esteem.

Target Audience: Social workers and other social service providers

Date: October 30, 2023, 12pm – 2:00pm ET

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