Smith College Webinar: Off you go! Strategies for Promoting Healthy Independence in Neurodiverse Young Adults

Off you go! Strategies for Promoting Healthy Independence in Neurodiverse Young Adults

A Smith College School for Social Work webinar with Dr. Sharon Saline

The journey from adolescence to adulthood has always had many challenges but the COVID pandemic makes it even more daunting for Generation Z. Whether neurodiverse young people are facing high school or college graduations, many of them can’t seem to take the next step and move into an independent, satisfying adulthood they desire. Instead, they seem stalled by executive functioning challenges that are often combined with anxiety, depression, substance abuse or other co-occurring conditions—particularly related to COVID restrictions. Resentful of the efforts of their well-intended but sometimes overbearing parents, neurodiverse teens may struggle to navigate effectively during this complex stage of human development.

In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline will offer you a comprehensive framework for understanding emerging adulthood. She will describe innovative, practical tools to help clients balance their growing autonomy with appropriate levels of family engagement. She will describe how to foster key executive functioning skills that are critical for self-management, how to offer techniques for coping with the stress of “adulting” and how to intervene with challenging parents. Participants will leave with a clearer picture of extended adolescence and practical approaches to prepare your clients for the next chapter of their lives.

Target Audience: Social workers and other social service providers

Date: April 28, 2021, 12pm – 1:30pm ET

Price: $50.00

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