Understanding and Treating ADHD

A Workshop for Professionals working with individuals with ADHD

This workshop is tailored to equip professionals with an in-depth understanding of ADHD, offering evidence-based strategies to assist individuals in managing their condition more effectively.

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, Dr. Sharon Saline, clinical psychologist, author and consultant, helps you navigate the confusing mix of biology, behavior and emotion that characterize ADHD in children, teens and adults. Offering rare insights into how kids and adults honestly think and feel about living with complex ADHD.

Dr. Saline shares a variety of helpful and practical solutions based on her unique, strength-based approach–the 5 Cs of ADHD™. She will show you how and why executive functioning skills are critical to work and school performance, social relationships, emotional regulation and self-esteem. Her collaborative method integrates mindfulness, cognitive therapy and positive psychology while teaching effective tools to foster growth mindsets.

After reviewing current research on ADHD, she will show you how to improve motivation, persistence and focus while decreasing anxiety and criticism. Innovative exercises designed to understand living with neurodivergent brains and build a toolbox of effective strategies to overcome typical ADHD frustrations related to household routines, disorganization and family conflict are threaded throughout the workshop.

You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of ADHD and co-existing disorders. You will also have practical tools and techniques to immediately use with your clients to help them manage their ADHD better.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the biological, behavioral and emotional factors related to ADHD and neurodivergence throughout the life cycle.
  • Understand current research on ADHD and executive functioning including medical and non-medical treatment options.
  • Understand how co-existing disorders, learning disabilities, trauma, substances abuse and addictive behaviors affect ADHD and executive functioning skills throughout the lifespan.
  • Understand executive functioning skills and use effective, collaborative strategies for improving them.
  • Describe the anxiety spectrum and identify useful techniques for promoting calm, confidence and resilience.
  • Provide practical interventions aimed at reducing conflict and improving social-emotional functioning at all ages.


Date: Friday 3rd May 2024
Timings: 9am – 4pm
Location: Mercure Gold Coast Resort

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