Parent Workshop at Lexington Depot

Don’t touch my phone: Balancing screen time for 21st century digital kids

Date: February 26, 2020

Overwhelmed by technology? Struggling to help your family, your students or your clients set limits that actually work? In this workshop, Dr. Sharon Saline, veteran psychologist and author of “What your ADHD child wishes you knew: Working together to empower kids for success in school and life,” talks about raising children and teens  in today’s digital world with less yelling and more cooperation. She shares the latest research about the effect of social media and screens on kids’ developing brains, peer relationships and risky behaviors. Incorporating the voices of kids themselves and what matters to them, Dr. Saline shows you how to create consistent screen policies using meaningful incentives that promote safety, communication and cooperation. You will learn how to set up balanced relationships to electronic devices and social media and help people reconnect with each other.

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Copies of Dr. Saline’s will be available for purchase.

Enrollment is limited.