22 News Mass Appeal: Tips on how to help your children establish a healthy relationship with technology

(Mass Appeal) – Technology is not going anywhere, so it’s important to teach children how to have a healthy relationship with it. Psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline joined us with four tips on establishing and modeling a healthy relationship with technology.

According to Dr. Saline, first make sure your children has a healthy media diet and not a junk food addiction. The goal with this is to make media a part of a balanced life that includes activities other than technology. Tip two, technology affects self-understanding and kids are developing perceptions of themselves based on social media responses. It’s important to teach social skills directly.

Third, teach kids how to streamline media and cut down on distractions when using computers for homework. Printing things out and closing social media windows can help. Finally, make sure parents are modeling this behavior at home. Put your phone away and spend quality time with your family.

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