22 News Mass Appeal: Insight on helping kids cope with insecurity

(Mass Appeal) – The COVID-19 pandemic has turned lives upside down and it’s leaving many kids feeling more and more insecure. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline of DrSharonSaline.com, joined us with advice on helping children remember who they are.

First, stated Dr. Saline, is normalize their feelings. Uncertainty is really the norm because we are separated from so many aspects of normal life. It’s reassuring to let them know the feelings they are experiencing are normal.

Next, help them recall memories of who they are with pictures and video. They are currently unable to participate in the activities that define them, whether it be school, sports, chess club – all of this is on hold. Looking back on past accomplishments can help them stay in touch with who they are.

Finally, pay attention to what they are doing well and don’t skimp on the hugs!

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