1998 Doctorate of Psychology: California School of Professional Psychology, APA approved program.
1991 Master of Arts, Psychology: New College of California.
1986 Bachelor of Arts, (Magna cum laude), history and semiotics: Brown University.
9/15-present ADHD Consultation and Training Group, Northampton, Massachusetts:

  • Develop and teach monthly seminar for licensed mental health clinicians on understanding and treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder across the lifespan.
  • Create, edit and assemble relevant course materials and syllabus.
  • Facilitate monthly case conference as part of course.

6/11-present Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, Massachusetts:
Part-time Lecturer

  • Teach continuing education courses on “Understanding ADHD and Executive Functioning in Children and Adolescents” and “Understanding the Teen Brain” online and in-person

9/09-2014 Williston-Northampton Middle School, Easthampton, Massachusetts
Training Consultant

  • Provided training to faculty on mental health issues such as gender issues in adolescent development, bullying, ADHD, executive functioning skills, nonverbal learning disability, Asperger’s disorder, anxiety, depression and collaborative problem solving skills in the classroom.

10/05-2/12 City of Northampton Public Schools, Northampton, Massachusetts:
Training Consultant

  • Facilitated multiple trainings for teachers, ESP’s, guidance and adjustment counselors and school psychologists on various mental health topics including ADHD, nonverbal learning disorders, executive functioning skills and common mental health issues in children; facilitate monthly meeting of the district’s school psychologists.

12/03-12/06 Center for Human Development, Springfield, MA:

  • Taught seminars for mental health professionals on selected topics including “The child and adolescent overview: the impact of trauma on child development,” “The use of mental status exams in clinical assessment and treatment,” and “Effective couples’ therapy.”

9/01-1/02 University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts:
Visiting Faculty

  • Taught upper level undergraduate course entitled “The Psychology of Women.”

12/02-present Private Practice, Northampton, Massachusetts:

  • Provide individual and family therapy for children and adolescents as well as seeing adults and couples; attend school collateral meetings when requested.
  • Consultation for parents and professionals on clinical topics and psychological evaluations.
  • Trainings for parents, therapists and educators on various topics related to children, adolescents and family mental health issues.

9/13-present Got kids? Let’s talk!’ Monthly Parenting Series, Northampton Massachusetts
Founder and Co-facilitator of Workshops at Northampton Area Pediatrics

  • Choose relevant topics of broad interest, organize guest speakers and write publicity for the series
  • Present on variety of topics including ADHD, anxiety, preschool behaviors and technology in families.

10/05-2/12 City of Northampton Public Schools, Northampton, Massachusetts:
Consulting Psychologist, grades k-8.

  • Collaborated with principals, teachers, special education staff and adjustment counselors about behavioral interventions and mental health issues; strategize about classroom management problems and participate in IEP Team meetings, 504 meetings, parent conferences and case management meetings as needed.

7/09-12/09 Smith College Department of Education, Northampton, Massachusetts:
Clinical Consultant

  • Led monthly training for Master’s level students about mental health issues in the classroom that included readings, discussion and case presentations as part of a pilot program to increase their knowledge about socio-emotional issues and behavior for students ages 5-18.

1/04-6/09 Montessori School of Northampton, Northampton, Massachusetts:
Consulting School Psychologist

  • Advised and collaborated with teachers about learning disabilities, behavioral problems, educational and psychological evaluations and mental health issues for selected students; facilitated parent meetings; met with the school director.
  • Provide teacher trainings on various subjects including bullying, child development, learning disabilities and children’s mental health issues; offer parent discussion groups on child development, peer relations, effects of media on children, gender differences and bullying.

2/00-5/04 Child Guidance Clinic, Springfield, Massachusetts:

  • Coordinated intern training group: taught and organized weekly training sessions that integrated clinical theory and practice for master’s and doctoral level interns; supervised interns and postdoctoral clinicians on psychological assessments and clinical work.
  • Provided clinical and organizational consultation to elementary schools and preschools in the Springfield school district including leading weekly therapy groups for at-risk children and conducting continuing education workshops for teachers on a variety of mental health issues.
  • Conducted individual and family therapy in addition to doing relevant case management services. Performed intake assessments and psychological evaluations. Participated in weekly case conferences and led seminar on “Understanding Children’s Dreams.”

9/97-7/99 Family Institute of Pinole, Pinole, California:

  • Supervised practicum level doctoral students who were seeing clients at the Institute and received consultation and training about supervision.

9/91-5/93 Carlmont Center for Family Counseling, Belmont, California:
Counseling Program Coordinator and Youth Diversion Program Coordinator

  • Coordinated intake process, managed waitlist and assigned cases; organized monthly calendar for staff meetings including case conferences and team treatment sessions; conducted individual and family therapy with children, adolescents, and their parents.
  • Developed and implemented youth diversion program based on a brief therapy model for families of adjudicated youth; supervised clients’ community service projects; compiled and analyzed monthly statistics; met with local police officers and county probation officials to discuss juvenile crime.
  • Managed high school programs which included: co-facilitating multi-ethnic, substance abuse prevention groups for teenagers; directing Peer Helping and Conflict Resolution programs; organizing and co-leading anti-racism workshops; meeting weekly with faculty members of Youth Empowerment Systems Team; compiling and analyzing monthly statistics.


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PARENT WORKSHOPS (past 5 years)

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9/97-8/98 Marin County Community Mental Health Services, Greenbrae, California:

Predoctoral Intern

  • Provided individual and family counseling to severely emotionally disturbed children and chronically mentally ill adults; weekly rotation at the Psychiatric Emergency Unit; conducted crisis and urgent care evaluations and comprehensive service plans for children and adults.

9/96-8/97 Family Institute of Pinole, Pinole, California:

Predoctoral Psychological trainee

  • Provided individual, family, and couples counseling in a community mental health setting including psychological evaluations and weekly team interventions using one-way mirror techniques.

9/95-6/96 Rubicon Day Treatment Programs, Richmond, California:
Predoctoral Psychological trainee

  • Conducted individual psychotherapy, milieu therapy, group therapy and case management and psychological evaluations for severely mentally ill adults.

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