Holidays and Family Estrangement

Family estrangement refers to the loss of a former relationship between parents and children, siblings or other extended family members. Holidays are times when this estrangement can lead to anxiousness, PTS and other conditions. Estrangement reflects physical or emotional distancing and minimal contact or communication … Continue reading Holidays and Family Estrangement

How ADHD Is Diagnosed

This content is excerpted from HealthCentral on How ADHD Is Diagnosed. I am one of the panel experts, along with Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Rosemarie Manfredi, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist Let’s Talk About How ADHD Is Diagnosed How … Continue reading How ADHD Is Diagnosed

Socializing in a Pandemic

People who are very engaged in social media must use caution to ensure that they don’t place more value on their virtual friends, or how many or few they have, versus their in-person relationships. We can all get distracted by the online world, believing that … Continue reading Socializing in a Pandemic