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  • You Can’t Stop Anxiety. You Change Your Relationship with It.
  • Apologies of Action
  • Avoiding the Homework Hassle
  • Motivation: 5 Tips to Get Stuff DONE!
  • Shame: When You Are Embarrassed of Who You Are


1. You Can’t Stop Anxiety. You Change Your Relationship with It

Regain your sense of control for a calmer, more confident YOU!

Do you feel overly worried and preoccupied about things? Living in a world that’s increasingly unpredictable, people are more anxious than ever before. For kids and adults with ADHD, worry and fear can increase their agitation, distractedness, and impulsivity and make things seem worse than they are. When worrying takes over, everybody is out of sync.


2. Apologies of Action

Most kids with ADHD harbor feelings of being wrong or doing bad things from an early age. They likely have been admonished at school and at home numerous times for impulsivity, being overly active, daydreaming or social awkwardness. Basically, they are reprimanded for doing things which have seemed nearly impossible to be in their awareness or control. Apologies are just one more thing on the long list of what they should do better and usually aren’t a big priority.


3. Avoiding the Homework Hassle:
6 tips to make homework more manageable

Your child or teen spends most of their day struggling to stay focused and accomplish classroom studies. They work hard to keep it together. When school is over, they need a break from studying; their brains need to do something different. Your job is to support this break in whatever way you can by making time- limited AND being clear that homework will follow.


4. Motivation: 5 Tips to Get Stuff DONE!

Most adults with ADHD procrastinate and avoid doing things they think are boring, overwhelming or unachievable.

Whether it’s doing the laundry, turning in a report on time or getting ready for a family party, most adults with ADHD struggle with getting started on tasks that seem important but can be tedious and boring. Sometimes it takes the urgency and pressure of deadlines to get anything done and it’s often at the last minute. Why does this keep happening and what can you do about it?


5. Shame: When You Are Embarrassed Of Who You Are

Many adults with ADHD feel disappointment in themselves generally because they have received lots of negative feedback, especially when they were younger.

I’ve been working with people with ADHD for over 30 years and there is one constant that I have seen: every single person has a deep-seated sense of shame about having ADHD and being ‘different’ from his or her peers. The shame about not being able to succeed at school or manage life tasks as well as other kids starts early and continues into adulthood. We are not born with shame. It develops over time through painful experiences and stunts growth. Shame is particularly evident in families where there was blaming.

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