Managing Technology & Families (Video + Handout)



Managing Technology & Families — Dr. Sharon Saline

Video + Handout

Managing technology is an increasing challenge for all members of the family. Did you know we touch our phones 52 times a day? Social media, music, games, social media, tv, chats and more are here to stay. So how does this impact us?
Dr. Saline suggests several approaches to helping with the technology struggle and lays out specific wording as you collaboratively create responsible digital citizens who can connect and disconnect reliably and cooperatively.


  • How to guide your children as they navigate daily screen usage and screen switching,
  • When you can suggest screen usage to your children for your own benefit,
  • How much supervising is adequate and how to monitor their safety and connections.
Technology is a privilege — not a right. Additional time with screens or with family and friends can and should be earned.

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