Depression Myths

What people get wrong about depression: You could make it go away if you tried harder. An incident must have happened to make you depressed. Otherwise you wouldn’t be sad. If you practiced more gratitude, you’d feel better. Anxiety and depression are unrelated. Depression is … Continue reading Depression Myths

Anxiety and Food

Q: What foods might spike anxiety … and why? A: Although I am not a medical doctor, I’ve observed that especially sugary foods or those with a lot of caffeine can increase someone’s agitation and then make them more prone to anxiety. Sometimes ginseng can … Continue reading Anxiety and Food

Anxiety and Resilience

Anxiety is a physiological response related to a perceived danger and worried, negative thinking. Basic fight or flight responses are triggered from worries and these reactions are usually disproportionate to the concern at hand. Worry can be productive or poisonous. Productive worry is worry about … Continue reading Anxiety and Resilience